White Wizard

(White Wizard Invasion)

Description:The white wizard and his army invaded the map of Mu.
Search and kill them for rewards!

White Wizard

Ogre Soldier

Ogre Archer

Location:Map of Laurentia, Noria, Devias.
The white wizard will only appear on one of these cards.

  • Kill Reward

  • Destructive ogre soldier — Destructive ogre archer: Number of items dropped 1 pc.
  • Misc: Wizards Ring

Wizards Ring

О Wizards Ring

  • Increase wizardy damage 10%(increase magic damage 10%)
  • Increase damage 10% (increased damage 10%)
  • Increase Attacking(wizardy)speed +10 (attack speed increase +10)
  To raise Ring of Wizardy one character is allowed only 1 time. Same Ring of Wizardy имеет 30 durability and cannot be repaired, it cannot be traded, it cannot be sold through the Store.