Illusion Temple

Illusion Temple


Illusion Temple — this is one of the most exciting moments in the game. This is an opportunity to meet other players of your level, and get a huge amount of experience points. The event is a PvP event, takes place every [X] hours, min. number of players from 2 and max. 10 players.

The duration of the event is 20 minutes, during this time you can have great fun and get enough experience.

In order to get to the Temple of Illusion, you must first find "Mirage" in Arkania (225 30), and give him an invitation.

Уровни Illusion Tample



                            Character level


Premium Summon 50 W Coin



Premium Summon 50 W Coin



Premium Summon 50 W Coin



Premium Summon 50 W Coin



Premium Summon 50 W Coin



Game Master Summon 50 W Coin

Master Level *

Schedule: 20:05

* After passing the 3rd profession, any class of level 220-400 goes to illusion-6.

To create an invitation you need


Old Scroll +[1-6]   Illusion Sorcerer Covenant +[1-6]   1x Jewel of Chaos   Scroll of Blood +[1-6]

Different amounts of ZEN will be required depending on your level.

You have about 5 minutes to enter the temple. If there is a min. number of players the event will start.

In the waiting room, you will be randomly divided into 2 teams: Red Team and Blue Team. This process will only take a minute, then the fight will begin immediately.

The zone is divided into 2 areas (East and West), where each team's podium is located.

Your task is to bring the ball to your team's podium. The team that returns the ball 7 times wins. It sounds simple, but there are actually some difficulties.

• To take the ball from the statue, you must be at it for at least 10 seconds.

• Remember, when you dribble, you are displayed on the map and your running speed will decrease, making you most vulnerable to being caught by the other team.

• As soon as you hit the ball onto your pedestal (you must be there for 10 seconds), your team scores a point. Further, the statue will reappear in a random place.

• If you die, any other player can pick up your ball.

Stone Statue MU Allies General Illusion Sorcerer Elder Alliance Sacred Item Storage Illusion Castle Sacred Item

Skills that you can use at the event:



Magic Shield: defensive skill.

Resistance:for some time prevents the enemy from casting spells and moving.

Warp: teleport to the ball.

Freeze time: the player deals double damage to the opponent's SD.