Character professions in Mu Online

Character professions in Mu Online

Wear the best weapons or armor, second or third wings, learn new skills, be able to do a combo strike — in all cases, you will need to complete a profession quest.

NPC Sebina

Profession level 2
The main classes (Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf, Summoner) reaching level 150 can go to Davias to NPC Sebina the Priest, located at coordinates 185: 33.

For the first task you have to pay 1 million zen and find the Scroll of Emperor. This part drops from monsters in LostTower1 — LostTower3 with a small chance, so please be patient, or better add the word Emperor to the Official Mu Helper clicker in the item selection section. Once the required quest item is found, return to Sebina in Davias. As a reward for successfully completing the first part, you will be given 10 points for distribution and the opportunity to take the second part of the assignment.

The cost of the second part of the quest is 2 million zen. Be careful, for each race now you need to bring your own thing. For Dark Knigh — Broken Sword, for Dark Wizard — Wizard`s Soul Shard, for Fairy Elf — Elf`s Tear, for Summoner — Abyssal Eye. These things drop from monsters starting from Atlans2, the end of LostTower7, the beginning of Tarkan. The drop rate is also small, so use the capabilities of the built-in Mu Helper clicker. As soon as the necessary thing is found — return to Sebina to complete the quest, get another 10 points for distribution and congratulations on the completed profession. You can now equip second wings, better weapons and armor


NPC Marlon

Marlon's quest

After reaching level 220, characters can try their hand at the quest for the title of hero. To do this, you need to go to Marlon, who is carefully hiding, changing his location every 10 minutes (in the cities of Lorencia, Noria, Davias, Atlans, Tarkan) and take a task from him. The cost of the quest is 2 million zen. You will be asked to bring the Ring of Honor. This item is dropped by monsters in Tarkan and Icarus. If it's hard for you to kill these monsters alone — you can call your friends and do a task in a group, the quest item will still drop out just for you! Return the ring of honnor to Marlon, and he will reward you with an additional point for each level after 220, plus now the elf will be able to use the skill Infinity Arrow, and the Soul Master will use Wizardy Enchance and Nova. For Blade Knight, the challenge is not over. To get the combo strike skill, he still needs to find and bring another Dark Stone, which drops out there, in Tarkan and Icarus.


NPC Devin

Profession level 3

After completing 2 professions, and reaching level 380 or higher, your character can take on the task of completing 3 professions. Rage Fighter, Dark Lord and Magic Gladiator do not pass the second class transfer, so they just need to be level 380. First, you need to find Priest Devin in CryWolf and talk to him. If all the conditions are met, he will give the first task. By the way, Priest Devin will appear only if CryWolf is successfully defended.

The first part of the 3rd profession: After paying 5 million zen, Priest Devin will offer to bring him three rare items. They only drop from certain monsters, and very rarely. Moreover, the appearance of these monsters is also not a frequent occurrence. You can see the location and name of the monsters here
You will need to bring one item of each type:

flame of death beam horn of hellmaine feather of phoenix
Flame of Death
Beam Knight
Horn of Hell Maine Feather of Phoenix


NPC Werewolf

The second part of the 3rd profession: When you complete and turn in the first part, level up to level 400, and approach Priest Devin again with 7 million zen. He will offer you to go to Barraks, and kill 10 monsters of each type.
In Barraks, you will be passed by the Werewolf Quarrel, which is located in CryWolf at coordinates 64-240. Kill monsters, do not forget to call your friends for help, and return back to Priest Devin with a completed task.

Balram Soram

Death Spirits

Dark Elf
Boram Soram Death Spirits Dark Elf







The third part of the 3 professions: The final part for the 3 profession. Having 10 million zen with you, approach Priest Devin, he will offer to go to the very lair of Barraks, the entrance of which looks like the head of a wolf,

spewing fire. This entrance is located at the end of the barracks, at coordinates 120-168. Inside the room there will be a dozen monsters, and a mighty Dark Elf (Hero). The spawn time of this rare monster is once an hour, so if it is not there, you will have to wait. How to deal with this monster — return to Priest Devin, and after talking with him, you will receive 3 profession. With which we congratulate you!


Class tree in MuOnline

Beginner class 2 profession 3 profession
Dark Knight Blade Knight Blade Master
Dark Wizard Soul Master Grand Master
Fairy Elf Muse Elf High Elf
Magic Gladiator Duel Master
Summoner Bloody Summoner Dimension Master
Dark Lord Lord Emperor
Rage Fighter First Master

3 profession


Attention! Quest items will drop out to you, even if you are in a group and will not beat monsters. Take advantage of this! Ask your friends to help you knock out quest items if you can't handle it yourself.

Also, passing the quest for the 3rd profession, you can make a reset and continue to knock out parts after the reset. All completed stages are saved.