Quest at Sebin (Walkthrough 2 Profs)

To receive the assignment, find in Devias Sebina the Priest at coordinates 184: 31. Requirements for the assignment — the minimum level of 150 and 1,000,000 zen. For all classes, the first item to find for Sebina is the Emperor’s Scroll. You can knock it out from any mob on the Dungeon3, LostTower maps, it can also be caught at the initial levels of BC-DS. After the item is received, we carry it to the Priest of Sebin and hand over it. To receive the second part of the assignment, 2,000,000 zen will already be required, if you do not have such an amount, close the dialogue and go to search (the progress of the quest is saved), if there is, we scroll further to the page with the requirement. As you can see, this is again an item search, but this time the item is different for each class. Below is a table with the required items for each class.
You should search for this item with any mobs from Dungeon-3, Atlans-2, Losttower. Once found, return him to NPC Sebina, after which your character will become Blade Knight, Soul Master, Muse Elf or Bloody Summoner. This increase will allow you to use stronger items and skills for your class, level 2 wings, access to the Marlon quest will open, and the Elf will also receive the Infinity Arrow ability. This quest is not required for Dark Lord, Magic Gladiator