Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the exp rate on server?
    The server is x10.
  2. Where to get jewels from?
    Jewels drop with low rate on mob spots, BC/DS the jewels’ drop is twice more, also from quests and rena.
  3. How to craft Wings?
    The crafting system on our server is a bit different from the others. The % of crafting any wings is standard, please check the Chaos Machine Section on our site to acknowledge the % of crafting chaos Weapons, wings and condor feather!
  4. What is the max reset/GR on the server?
    Max reset on server is 10, however the amount of Grand Resets is unlimited.
  5. Why should I make Grand Reset?
    For GR the player receives 3500 for ELF/BK/SUM /4000 for MG/DL points + 3000 Wcoins (which worth 25$)
  6. What is the server’s economy based on mainly?
    The server’s economy is mainly based on Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Souls and Zen.
    All those can be farmed in BC/DS quests and some Events.
  7. Where does Feather / Crest of monarh drops?
    Feather/ Crest of monarh drops only on Icarus Map starting with level 92.
  8. Where to get zen from?
    Zen can be farmed anywhere on spots, however the drop rate is higher, also you receive a lot of zen from quests.
  9. Where does Evil Spirit and Twisting Slash drop?
    ES and TS drops from quests, as well as from mobs 52-68.
  10. Is there VIP on the server?
    Yes, we have 2 active VIP type accounts: Golden VIP – which can be obtained in game from VIP Golden Rabbits (291 min), and Platinum VIP account which can be obtained by donation in your account panel.
  11. How to reset Character?
    Press D, then arrow to the right >, find the Section «Reset»