Kalima Event (Kundun Boss)


What is Kalima?
Kalima is Lord Kundun's world. Only the one who collects the lost card, which consists of 5 parts, can enter it. There are 7 gates that players from certain levels can enter.

How to get to Kalima?
In order to get to the Kalima card, you need to have a ticket for the passage — Lost Map. To get it, you need to get parts of the ticket — Symbol of Kundun. After you collect 5 identical Symbol of Kundun pieces, they will automatically turn into a Lost Map of the same level as the ticket pieces

Symbol of Kundun

Lost Map

To get into Kalima, you must throw the ticket out of your inventory and after that a gate will appear next to you. After clicking on the gate, you will appear in Kalima.

The ticket cannot be thrown away in the safe area
The gate after the ticket is thrown out only exists for a minute
You can go to Kalima in the party
If you are killed in Kalima, then you will appear in Lorencia
Each level of the Kalima map corresponds to certain requirements for the level of characters wishing to get there.


Уровень для DK, DW, FE, SU

Уровень для MG, DL, RF


40 — 130

20 — 110


131 — 180

111 — 160


181 — 230

161 — 210


231 — 280

211 — 260


281 — 330

261 — 310


331 — 400

311 — 400





Illusion of Kundun



ИKundun's illusion was created by Kundun himself. After killing him, a gate appears that will teleport you to the next level of Kalima.

Kundun is a boss located at the end of Kalima 7. He has a special skill, after using which for 20 seconds you will not be able to damage him, while restoring your health, so it is sometimes very difficult to kill him. After killing him, you can drop from one to three Ancient things. The next time, just like the Illusion of Kundun, the Kundun boss will appear after 24 hours from the moment of his death.


Kill reward



Kundun: Number of items dropped 5 pcs.

  • Item: Ancient