Lucky items are a special type of item that can have different item level characteristics and a set of unique options. The lucky thing can be obtained by talking to the merchant David

To get the Lucky Item, you must give David a Lucky Ticket in return. They come in 2 levels and 5 types — the corresponding part of the set.

Talk to David and click on the «Exchange Lucky Item» button

Then give the card to David and exchange it for a thing. If luck is on your side, then you will receive a Lucky item with a set of Ancient options and any level from 0 to +15 — suitable for your character’s class.

But in the world of MU Online nothing is easy — Lucky things disappear forever when the Durability level drops to 0. You cannot repair a Lucky item using the standard Repair function, for this you need the Extension Jewel.

David will gladly provide you with the stone, in exchange for a Lucky thing. The chance of getting a stone is 30%.
Attention! If you put the Lucky set in the chest and then move it to another character, you cannot move it back. These items are written strictly to the character (you cannot upload them to the web store or Store)