Chaos Card Master

Master of Chaos Cards He asks you to find and bring him the missing cards. The Chaos Map can be obtained from the Blood Castle event.
Chaos Card

Chaos Card Mini

Chaos Card Gold

Chaos Card Rare

What can fall
Chaos Card: Obtainable from Blood Castle 1-2
Set: Ash Raven, Eclipse, Iris, Valiant, Glorious, Adamantine, Red Wing, Holy Fire
Weapons: Ax of the Chaos Dragon, Staff of Illumination of Chaos, Bow of the Chaos Nature, Great Scepter, Red Wing, Sacred Gauntlet, Book of Neil
Shield: bronze
Card Mini: Obtainable at Blood Castle 3-4
Bundle: Black Dragon, Dark Phoenix, Grand Soul, Divine, Dark Steel, Storm Crow, Ancient, Storm Jahad
Weapons: Dragon Spear, Sword of Destruction, Staff of Destruction, Holy Crossbow, Celestial Bow, Lord Scepter, Runeblade, Ancient Stick, Talon of the Holy Storm, Book of Lagle
Shield: Dragon, Great Soul, Elemental
Chaos Card Gold: Obtainable at Blood Castle 5-6
Bundle: Great Dragon, Dark Soul, Red Spirit, Hurricane, Dark Master, Demonic, Piercing Groove
Weapons: Knight Blade, Dark Breaker, Staff of Kundun, Arrow Viper Bow, Shining Scepter, Dark Reign Blade, Demonic Stick, Piercing Blade Glove.
Rare Chaos Card: Obtainable from Blood Castle 7-8
Bundle: Dragon Knight, Venom Mist, Sylphid Ray, Sunlight, Volcano, Storm Blitz, Phoenix Soul
Weapons: Bone Blade, Staff of the Great Serpent, Sylph Wind Bow, Soleil Scepter, Blast Blade, Storm Lightning Strike, Phoenix Soul Star