Blood Castle

Blood castle
In ancient times, when the Kundun army unleashed its fury on the continent of Mu Online for the first time, brave Archangels, warriors who knew no fear and pain, came to the aid of the heroes. The archangels helped us win, but in the decisive battle, the most powerful and experienced warrior was wounded in the castle of blood and lost his sacred weapon. Go down to the Blood Castle and help the Archangel return his weapon so that he can again stand up to the defense of our continent, ahead of the second coming of the Kundun army.

Blood Castle is a quest in MU Online, for which you need to destroy an infinite number of monsters, castle gates and sorcerers guarding a crystal statue. After you get to the statue and smash it into fragments, you will receive the weapon of the wounded angel, which must be returned to the owner. After that, the angel will reward you for your help.

How to get to Blood Castle
The pass to Blood Castle is the Invisibility Cloak. It is created in the Chaos Machine. To create it, you need a Scroll of Archangel, Blood Bone (they must all be of the same level) and one Jewel of Chaos. All of these can be combined with varying success rates and require a certain amount of Zen.

Scroll of Archangel Blood Fang Jewel of Chaos Invisibility Cloak
Scroll of
Blood bone Jewel of

Quest time

Archangel Messenger Archangel Messenger

At the beginning of each hour (at night from 00.00 to 7.00) and an hour later (during the day from 8.00 to 23.00), the following messages start to appear in the MUonline game: "6 (5,4,3,2,1) minute (s) left before entry into Blood Castle ". As soon as you see such a message, go with Invisibility Cloak to one of the archangels (one is in the Davias church, the other is not far from the entrance to the same church). Talk to one of them, on the screen you will see a table in which you need to select the appropriate level of Blood Castle for your character (the same level should be the Invisibility Cloak in your inventory). If you did everything correctly, then you will be taken to the Blood Castle.


Castle levels

Уровень для прохода
  Обычные расы Magic Gladiator,
Dark Lord, Rage Fighter
+1 15-80 10-60
+2 81-130 61-110
+3 131-180 111-160
+4 181-230 161-210
+5 231-280 211-260
+6 281-330 261-310
+7 331-400 311-400
+8 c 250 уровня и только для 3-ей профессии


Раненый ангел

After teleporting to Blood Castle, talk to the wounded Archangel. He will tell you the story of his fall and the next coming of the monsters, which you have to defeat. The Archangel will challenge you to retrieve his holy weapon so that he can join the heroes of Mu Online in the fight against the troops of Kundun.

Angel weapon
There are three types of angel weapons: sword, staff and crossbow.

Archangel Staff Archangel Crossbow
Sword Staff Crossbow


You are given 15 minutes for the entire quest. First, you will find yourself on the bridge, on which you will need to kill many monsters.

After killing the monsters and crossing the bridge to the castle gates, you will need to break the gates.

Once inside the castle, the first step is to kill the Magic Skeleton (there are 2 sorcerers for one MUonline player, 4 for two players, etc.).

After the reprisal against the sorcerers, you will need to find the way to the statue, which contains the Archangel's weapon, through the labyrinth of blood, in which bloodthirsty, merciless monsters live.

Having reached the crystal statue, in the hands of which is the Archangel's weapon, smash it and take the weapon.

Having picked up the weapon, return back to the Archangel, simultaneously fighting off the monsters. Now you just need to give the weapon to the owner.

Quest completed! Archangel's Weapon Found! And you get a generous reward.

Blood Castle can be held as part of a group, in which case all its members must come to the Archangel, talk to him and everyone will receive a prize.